Payment Service Provider and Payment Gateway (PaymenTech)

We have built a custom Payment Service Provider Application that processes Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Gift Cards, and ACH payments for online merchants. The app connects to multiple Payment Gateways and implements dynamic smart routing. It also provides an API interface that makes integration with shopping carts simple and easy.

Platform for Insurance Agencies/Brokers to manage Individuals and Groups (InsurTech)

We have built an InsurTech platform capable of using AI/ML to manage and recommend insurance products based on customer needs and history. It matches customers with best-in-class carriers and providers using location and product category.

Healthcare Sharing Platform (Healthcare IT)

We have built a Healthcare Sharing Platform that guides the Medical Cost Sharing Community to share their medical expenses. The members give and receive financial support from each other for their medical needs. The platform provides best-in-class service to our members through charitable donations and medical expense sharing via a proprietary ShareBox.